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The Importance of SEO

1. SEO can make or break your online business.

If you think that’s an exaggeration, then think again. Just ask the top marketing experts and they will tell you how important SEO really is.The fact is that targeted traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. The more free traffic you can bring in, the more conversions you will make. The truth is that paying for traffic is no longer viable for many people. Unless you have deep pockets and the patience to test many different ads, you are not going to succeed with PPC marketing in the current climate. However, understanding how to make some small tweaks to your SEO optimization strategy can propel your website to the top of the major search engines.

Having that kind of free exposure in your marketplace means you can gain a huge market share without spending thousands of dollars to acquire those prospects.It is a well known fact that people coming to your website from organic search results are more likely to stick around longer, sign up to your mailing list and buy more products.

All of these things mean that you need to pay attention to your SEO strategy and constantly improve your listings.

2. Keyword Research

There is no way to get around this issue, you would be just wasting your time. In the world of Internet marketing, you simply can’t afford to give your competition that advantage.

Your aim is to find the profitable keywords.

If you are able to find them (even just a small number), then your chances of making a lot of money grow exponentially.

How can I find them?

You need to understand that most people type 2-word phrases when using Google. These are the most popular, so you need to focus on these keywords in your market. 2-word keyword phrase are more targeted and that means prospects are looking for something specific. In other words they are looking for a specific product or service, instead of just generally browsing.

Using generalized keywords is a bad idea, as these are generally used by people searching for information. These people are not buyers!

Remember that you want to find buyers, not searchers. This is a very important concepts to always keep in mind when optimizing your website.

Always go for keyword phrases that convert into money. They need to be specific and relate to a product, service, problem or cure.

3. Optimization Techniques

If you want to get anywhere near the top of the search engines then you need to optimize your website.

Search engine robots index your website and report on the content and code that is found there. This means you need to have your webpages set up with the keywords that you want to rank highly in the search engines for.

There are also other great tips you can use to optimize your website:

Create a sitemap – A sitemap is just like a massive crossroads. It lists all the pages on your website and lets the search engines find the information they are looking for. The best types of sitemap to use are XML ones. Having this on your website will let the robot do the rest of the work. This means all the other pages will be found and indexed much more

Reliable hosting – You MUST have reliable hosting as robots love high-speed connections. You need to ensure that your server is never down when your website is due to be indexed. It is also very important that your website is not slow to respond when the robot comes along. If this happens, then the robot might leave without checking your content.

Correct your HTML mistakes – This is something that most people overlook but it’s crucial in optimizing your website. If the robot does not understand your code, then it will not be indexed. You can go to and use the free validator tool. That will check your code and report any errors.

While these things are very important, you need to know about keyword research, optimizing the content on your website, building quality backlinks and tracking your progress to get to
the top of the search engines.

4. SEO Strategy

Many people are worried about the Google updates these days.There are some simple things that you can do to increase your SEO rankings, regardless of how the search engine algorithms change.

On page factors: include things you do directly to the webpage (title tags, keywords, H1 tags etc.)

Firstly, look at the title of your website. It should have the main keyword within it. If you have more than one keyword, choose the most important one for SEO. Use the one that attracts the most traffic and gets the most searches during the month.

Next, deal with your primary and secondary keywords.

Use your primary and secondary keywords over the entire webpage. An average of two to three per cent makes sense. Start the page with your primary keyword if you can.Include the primary keyword about three times during the first paragraph as this will tell the search engine robots what your page is about.

The H1 tag is a piece of HTML code that search engine robots look for when visiting your website. Use this tag and add your primary keyword to it. It is the most important keyword that you have on your webpage.

Off page factors: are things like linking strategies.

Finally, don’t forget to get those high quality back links.

Have a number of high quality links pointing to your website.They should be from authority websites and high-ranking, human edited directories. Google loves high quality links from authority sites.

When you first create your linking campaign, look for one-way links first, then you can find quality websites to exchange links with.

These steps will produce a rise in your search engine rankings and an increase in overall free traffic.

5. Simple Strategies For Getting One-Way Links

To increase your search engine rankings you need to gain a lot more incoming links. The big thing to note here is that not all incoming links are created equal.

You see, one-way incoming links are much more valuable for search engine optimization so you need to focus on generating these. Articles are one of the best ways to generate lots of non-reciprocal links. You can get your own articles published over the Internet which all link back to your website.

Don’t forget to submit your articles to directories, blogs, and forums. Once the articles are syndicated to other websites, you will gain hundreds of quality one-way backlinks, and they will all be sending you traffic.

Another powerful way to generate one-way links is by commenting on blogs in your market. Just post a great comment and then leave a link that points to your website. It’s really simple and effective

The next thing you can use are press releases. If you get a link from a top ranked website then it will really increase your own Google ranking while providing a lot of traffic.

Finally, there are some very well known website directories on the Internet. These directories are known as authorities as they are edited by humans.

This means the quality of the websites in the directories are very high. Getting a link from a high pagerank directory will increase your Google ranking very quickly.

6. SEO Linking

For SEO purposes, directories are one of the best ways to boost your rankings.

Link building is a very simple and effective way to generate free traffic.You can get links from other high traffic websites which boosts your SEO and search engine rankings.

Identify the authority sites in your marketplace. These are the sites that are most well known and used by people in your marketplace. These sites are easy to identity as they are your main competitors, media sites or community sites. This means they are using great SEO techniques which you can take advantage of.

In other words, they already know the best keyword phrases, sites to link to and how to optimize their website. From here, you can contact the webmaster and offer a link exchange. You can do this by offering to link to their website, in exchange for a reciprocal link back to you.

Another good linking tactic is to post on the most popular forums. Try to generate a large number of links from the forum to your website. Just place a link in the signature after each forum post. This is an undercover way to generate links that few people use. You can also build links by posting to blogs, article sites, social media sites and by commenting on other websites in your marketplace.

Don’t forget to submit your website to the highly ranked directory websites such as As you can see linking is one of the golden nuggets of powerful SEO.

7. SEO – What NOT to do’s

Having Just One SEO strategy – If you don’t use a number of different SEO strategies then you are not going to gain a high ranking in Google. Putting all your eggs in one basket will result in poor rankings.

Focusing on just Google – Google is certainly the biggest search engine but there are another three to four search engines that can deliver a lot of traffic also. Remember that high rankings overall is your ultimate goal, not just a high Google ranking.

Bad Keyword Research – Market research is a fundamental aspect of SEO. You can optimize different pages for different keywords, but ensure that you know which keywords are most profitable beforehand.

Not getting relevant links – You need to have external links pointing to your website. This is something that Google demands and weighs highly. Look for as many high quality incoming links as possible. Look for other high quality websites that you can exchange links with to boost your rankings. Take advantage of the directories that you can get listed in. These directories have a high page rank and can drastically increase your Google placement.

8. Choosing Keywords

To get high rankings in the search engines, you need to create content based around a keyword or keyword phrase. The very first step is choosing the keyword that you want to rank high for.
But, you need to choose the right keyword. Here is how to do it:

Brainstorm the main keyword of your market. Look at the keywords that most people in your market are searching for. List down the main keywords involved in your market. If you don’t do this, then your SEO will always be below par. Check the keywords that your competitors are using by looking at the meta tags of their websites. Also use the Google keyword tool to find theme related keywords. The next step is to remove all the low traffic keywords. You must find the most relevant keywords and the keywords that generate the most traffic.

Remember that the keywords you target need to be relevant to your website. If they are not, then Google will not rank your website as it will be seen as spam.

Don’t use keywords that are very general. You need to find specific keywords that people type into the search engines. And then you need to optimize your website around these keywords.

Get very clear on what your website is about and then use keywords that buyers type in to the search engines.

9. Social Bookmarking

Google has sophisticated algorithms for ranking websites. One of the ways it does this is by finding out how many other websites, blogs and forums are discussing a website or linking to it.

Google commonly uses social bookmarking sites in order to find out this information. This means you can use social bookmarking sites to increase your rankings. Organic links that are generated naturally. This means that 100 links in a day is not a good idea so don’t abuse the social sites.

Space the links out day by day on social bookmarking sites. Don’t post 50 links one day and then stop. Post three to five links one day, then another three the next day and so on.

This is a much more natural manner and Google prefers to see this.

Add some text around your link. Don’t post a link to your website without text, or it will be discounted.

Use a range of different social bookmarking websites, as this appears to be more organic. You can create accounts for hundreds of sites and then begin posting.

If you are new to social bookmarking then you need to start using it as soon as possible, as you can quickly increase your rankings. This is a very powerful strategy for SEO.

10. Blog and Forum Comments

Commenting on other people’s blogs and forums can help out with your own SEO and rankings.

Google and the other search engines love blogs and forums as they are updated so often. They also contain huge amounts of specific content on a particular subject.

As such, they are usually found very high up in the rankings for many keyword phrases. This means you need to get as many links from these blogs and forums as you can. You can do this by posting comments.

Posting comments allows you to get a link back to your website. This is done with your signature file, which allows anyone to leave a text link. You can also link your name back to your website, as the name and URL transforms into your name on many blogs. Using blogs and forums is something that few Internet marketers do, but they are a perfect way to improve your search engine rankings.

Use forums and blogs to your advantage but never spam. You need to post quality information, as it will generate a large following of readers. As long as you post quality content that helps people, they will want to know more about you and be interested in what you have to offer.

Providing value is the key to making this strategy work. You don’t need to create brand new content for the forum or blog as you can simply modify what you already have written in the past.