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Social Media Marketing

MEDIAlogic is your social media expert; depending on your plan we can teach, create, manage, and interface with your contacts.

Social media has steadily become more relevant as an outlet for marketing. This interactive marketing platform provides access to a wide network of users and is an effective means of branding and even helps with SEO campaigns. Imagine one of your sales associates attending the world’s largest cocktail party – in a way, that’s what social media can do for you. Social media allows your business to take an active part in the online conversation.

Because social media is continuously evolving, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up.

MEDIAlogic can help manage your social media campaigns and assist with improving your response rates and return on investment. MEDIAlogic can design a social media plan specifically for your company to optimise your presence online and educate you on how to manage your accounts and/or interface with your contact for you.

The symbols at the bottom of this page are very familiar to all of us by now. These businesses are competing in a space that is growing at a phenomenal rate over the last few years. Social media is all about connecting and sharing online.

Consumers are no longer engaging in conventional advertising when making product decisions.
Instead, they engage with friends and followers to gain opinions on product choices.
This means that anything can be written about your brand, so apart from the possible downside, this poses a huge opportunity to enhance SEO into driving traffic to your website.

Our objective is to create a platform for you to share information with new and existing clients within the social network. Providing the right message on the right medium at the right time helps drive traffic to your website and develop a relationship with your potential customers.

Take a look at our service offerings tabled below.
As this is a building process, a long-term program is needed to show benefits.
Our rates are based on a 12-month program.

Once off
Create a Facebook business profile (single page)
Create a Twitter business profile (single page)
Create a LinkedIn business profile (single page)
Invite your personal contacts to connect with your Facebook page
Training: Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn
Periodic scheduled update visits:
425 ph
Create posts for Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn
(every 2 weeks, client supplies content.)

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